We were originally inspired by Toyota’s philosophy of ‘lean production,’ that focuses on delivering maximum value to customers through resource and process optimisation.
We’ve applied this process to our creative design and development services for over 13-years to produce digital- and print based promotional and educational materials for our clients and we continue to optimise through ‘Kaizen’ (continuous improvement).
During the assessment of a project, we plan the most cost-effective method for delivery. These often include mixing traditional methods with proven time-saving technologies and/or AI tools to help reduce timelines and the final cost to our clients.
We chose ‘lean’ for our name as we are aligned with ‘lean process’ which refers to using any method, measure or tool that helps to identify and eliminate waste and removing anything that doesn’t benefit the client or end user. Essentially…

  • Each project’s deliverables and resourcing requirements are assessed, defined and agreed with you before we create and manage the project through production to delivery
  • We produce a detailed project plan before we commence development to ensure we engage the best qualified resources relevant to delivery of each item
  • Once your project is delivered, we review our performance to ensure we’re continuously improving our service

  • Conventional agencies tend to utilise the fixed staff team that’s least busy, rather than best qualified – We select teams best suited to each project’s requirements
  • Right tool for the job – All team members are hand-picked for their skills. They all have extensive experience in their chosen fields and have either worked with us in the past, or have been recommended to us by those that have
  • Direct communications – PMs manage the day-to-day, but usually Creative team members join key briefing calls – this helps to reduce time re-briefing and speed up iterations

  • Removing unnecessary layers of management – Your project manager has hands-on Creative development and/or Production experience. This enables them to plan, advise and manage projects in the most cost- and time-effective fashion. They work in collaboration with you and manage the project team directly
  • Removing overheads – Everybody works virtually and is self-employed and as such, self-motivated. You don’t pay for offices and equipment, or staff holidays; sick pay; pensions; private healthcare and bonuses

Lean thinking helps to remove waste!

Reducing timelines, costs and our environmental impact

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