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Cofactor Limited
Project Description
Cofactor help scientific researchers to publish their research by providing expert advice and editorial support. They were recommended to us by a satisfied client with two specific tasks.

1. To create a ‘modern’ brand identity that stood out.
2. Design and develop a new website.

The client specified WordPress as their preferred platform for development as she had previous experience with the CMS.

The idea behind the name:
In biochemistry, a cofactor is a small molecule or even atom that helps a large molecule (an enzyme, a kind of catalyst) to do its job. Cofactors include vitamins. Enzymes catalyse reactions and do all the work in the cell. So, cofactors are crucial but minor partners.

The branding exercise took just over 2 weeks to complete and the website followed 8 weeks later.

  • Branding
  • Design
  • Website design & Development

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