Biolumina – Edge lit sign

Biolumina London
(part of the Omnicom Group)
Project Description
Biolumina is part of the Omnicom Health Group. The design team in the London office contacted us with a very tricky and specific task. To create a custom-built, 2x1 metre illuminated sign and ship it directly to the client’s office in Italy.

The client supplied a flat graphic design as a basis for the concept which is shown below. We used this to create artwork and technical specifications for approval and for use by the factory as a size specification to work with. The first task was to test if the LEDs were able to illuminate a sign that tall, with the testing completed successfully, we set to work.

Using the drawings, a written and lots of telephone calls. The factory began building the sign from the ground up. Starting with a custom-made coloured LED light ribbon which was inserted into a custom-built track and mounting along with the other electronics required to power the lights. The design was then applied to the 8mm clear acrylic panel using laser engraving and etched using colour matched Pantone® inks.

The next task was to ship the unit to Italy without it being damaged – We hired a dedicated courier and used lots of bubble wrap to deliver the sign (along with other deliverables for the project) directly to the Client.

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  • Project management

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