User experience – User interface design (UX/UI)

UI/UX – the two core elements of digital design

UI/UX interaction

The interaction between UI and UX design is essential for creating a well-functioning and user-centred website. Whereas the UX design of a website or app forms the underlying framework, the UI design helps that framework come to life in the form of aesthetically pleasing visuals.

See it as a colouring book, but instead of a book, you’re working with a digital interface. UX design, in this case, is the functional outline of your blank colouring page, forming a wireframe of all content strategies and architectures. While UI design operates as the colouring pencils that turn the UX wireframe into an appealing and functional interface. Keeping that close interplay in mind, it does seem to have its benefits for a designer to be skilled and specialised in both UX and UI design. This way, they can make sure that the UI is perfectly aligned with the UX design, and vice versa.

UI/UX at Lean

As a digital agency, it’s essential to have designers that know everything about the importance of the interaction between UI and UX design. Our team of UI/UX experts make sure our clients are never limited in dreaming big and are driven to bring those dreams to life.

To do this, we implement an agile way of wireframing and creating mock-ups, providing the client with enough time and space for testing and reviewing our design drafts. The entire process is built around the concept of design thinking, in which we provide flexible and scalable thinking, always putting the needs of the end-user first.

If you’re looking for a partner to help you with the design of your website, app or application, Lean can provide skilled UI/UX designers versed in the latest technologies who use their knowledge and experience to find out exactly what design elements fit your brand, looking at the unique requirements of your organisation, as well as your target audience and the market it’s active in. This way, we make sure the finished design of your website, web-app, or application provides the best possible user experience.

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